Archer Fish, HF0017 QTY 20/bag Scientific Name :Toxotes jaculatrix Size : 5.0 cm

KRIBENSIS CICHLID, HCH0059 Pelvicachromis pulcher |qty 75pcs/bag 4.0 cm


Macrostoma , Available 5 pairs | limited!



PT. HARLEQUIN AQUATICS is specializing in exporting live tropical Fish (Ornamental Fish) such as Tropical Fresh Water Fish, Aquatic Plants, Marine Fish, Invertebrates and Corals. We have only the highest quality stocks with competitive prices.

PT. Harlequin Aquatics is committed to supplying our best services, livestock, plants and products, giving the welfare of livestock top priority at all times.

PT. Harlequin Aquatics has acknowledge problems that often occur in this business i.e. death on arrival, size, quantity, and most important, quality of the fish. Based on our past experiences we proudly inform you that we have the highest number of satisfied customers.

We also operate in a spirit of co-operation with each other and according to honorable standards of trading, both between each other.

We take the greatest care to each specimen in our facilities to meet and exceed our customer''s requirements. Percentage of our Death On Arrival (DOA) is extremely low, size and quantity is exact, and quality is among the best in this industry.

Here in PT. Harlequin Aquatics we are continually improving ourselves by researching and trying new innovation that in the end would benefits our customers even more.

Our customer service is available five days a week (except on Indonesian National Holiday) to cater your needs.

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Our Customers


Very Pleased with the first shipment Premnas Biaculeatus are fantastic

Some of the bags were partly deflated and Leaking

I think this is why few losses. Apart from above we are very pleased

Many thanks


( Great Britain )

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